Our Story

We love tech! Since the launch of the iPhone we have been hot on the tails of the latest hardware and software updates. Ensuring that we are always bang up to date with the latest developments in a constantly evolving market. Not just for Apple products, but for all the popular stuff like Windows 10, Samsung and Android, photography, photoshop and even coding.

Over the years we have a built a team of experts that you can rely on to keep you up to speed. Each guidebook is written by someone who understands the subject deeply, and is committed to making it easier to understand for anyone who doesn’t.

As a team, we have over 19 years of publishing experience in the technology sector with a catalogue of over 269 guidebook editions published.

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Principles Of Our Work

By staying true to what we believe is important, we are motivated and inspired by the following principles.

1. Tech should be accessible to anyone

All of our guidebooks are produced in a clear step-by-step format with illustrations to accompany the text. So you can learn at your own pace.

2. Feature the latest developments

Our guidebooks are updated on a regular basis to ensure that we have all the tips and tricks for the very latest software and hardware updates.

3. Affordability and easy access

We make all our guidebooks available on our favourite digital platforms that offer not only great value for money, but also the flexibility to read all of our helpful titles anywhere, anytime on multiple devices.

Our Experience

Our expert team has a combined 80 years of experience in the industry and a strong reputation you can trust.

Web Development - 10 years
Tech Guides & Tutorials - 20 years
Creative Design - 25 years
Coding & Programming - 15 years
Photography & Photoshop - 10 years