Android Tricks and Tips

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Tricks and tips to help you get the most from Android!

  • Step-by-step guides to Android apps and features
  • Learn how to get more from your Android device
  • Includes Google Home, Android Pay, and Social apps
  • Security tips, performance-boosting advice, and more!


From using new Android features like Allo, Duo and Google Assistant to planning a journey and making the most of every photo taken on your phone, this guidebook is all about getting more from Android and some of the variety of apps, tools and features it offers to users prepared to explore.

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Android Tricks and Tips

The Advanced Guide to Android is your essential guide to getting the most from your smartphone or tablet, whether it is brand new or getting a little long in the tooth! If you want to find new ways to maximise the battery life, learn how to activate hidden features or learn more about rooting and home screen replacement apps, you will find everything you need in these pages.

Get More From Android

Discover hundreds of essential tips and tricks, covering everything from Gmail to anti-virus software. Boost your Android privacy and security, solve some of the problems most commonly encountered and learn how to make Android more secure. From prolonging the battery life to reducing data usage, make your Android smartphone or tablet perform the way you want it to. Follow our expert guides, tutorials and tips to the unique, and sometimes hidden, customisation and control features of the Android OS.

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