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  • Learn Programming with FUZE Basic
  • Discover Scratch and Python coding
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Learn how to start coding using Python, C++, Linux scripting, FUZE BASIC with the Raspberry Pi, Windows batch files and Scratch. We also cover the common pitfalls and mistakes every coder falls into and ways to avoid them.

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Create amazing Coding projects

The Raspberry Pi is the powerhouse for many excellent projects. However, one project stands head and shoulders above the rest, the FUZE Project. FUZE is a learning environment for the Raspberry Pi that’s amazingly accessible and gets students, teachers and enthusiasts coding and experimenting with the Raspberry Pi quickly and easily.

Learn to Code in Windows, Linux or Raspbian

Did you know that Windows has its own built-in scripting language? Batch files have been around since the early days of Windows and while they are overshadowed by the might of the modern Windows graphical user interface, they are still there and still just as capable as they were thirty years ago.

Batch file programming is a skill that system administrators still use, so it’s worth spending a bit of time learning how they work and what you can do with them. This section introduces batch files and covers user interactions, variables, loops and even a batch file quiz game to inject an element of fun.

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