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Essential tricks and tips for your iPad and iPadOS

  • Explore the pre-installed iPadOS Apps
  • Going further with your iPad and iPadOS
  • Learn essential iPad tips, tricks and skills
  • Discover the tools to help you get more from your iPad


Are you using your iPad to its fullest potential? Do you get the most from its apps and features or are its advanced workings a mystery? iPad Tricks and Tips tells you everything you need to know about the iPad, its apps and its operating system, iOS 10. With easy to follow, illustrated tutorials and guides, we take you through every stage of using your iPad, from your first steps to advanced projects.

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Perfect for Beginners

Your iPad can do more than you think. iPad for Beginners helps you get the very most from your Apple tablet, with crystal clear guides and plain English tutorials, written with the new iPad user in mind. We show you how to set it up out of the box, including how to register for an Apple ID and use its basic functionality such as touchscreen gestures and the virtual keyboard.

Get to Know Your iPad

We show you how to take your iPad onto the Internet, whether you’re using Wi-Fi or a data connection. We also show you how to use the iPad’s built-in Internet applications, such as the Safari web browser and the Mail email client. Whether you use your iPad for organising your home and work life, for entertainment and fun or a bit of both, iPad for Beginners is for you. We guide you through productivity apps such as Notes, Contacts, Reminders and Calendar as well as entertainment apps like Music, iBooks and Videos.

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