iPhone for Beginners

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Beginner iPhone tutorials to help you improve your skills!

  • Learn all about your brand new iPhone device
  • Discover the tips and tricks to make smartphones easier
  • Essential tutorials to the core elements of iOS
  • Something new to learn at every turn of the page 


Newcomers, start here! Experienced users, start here also, as you might just learn something too. Here we go through the iPhone and iOS 13’s basics, such as: how to interact with the touchscreen using Gestures, getting the most from the on-screen virtual keyboard, setting up Internet access for web surfing, email, and more. And of course, we show you how to make calls too.

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Get Started With iPhone

If you’re new to the iPhone, this is the book for you. We take an in-depth look at the iPhone, its features and its key apps, with fully illustrated tutorials written in plain English. Whatever it is you wish to do, we show you how, step-by-step. With our help, you can do so much more with your Apple smartphone. We show you how to set up your iPhone out of the box, and also how to reset a second-hand iPhone so you can set it up afresh for yourself.

Perfect For Beginners

Our guides cover the iPhone’s advanced features as well as its basics. We also show you a range of hidden features that even experts might not know. We take a look at your iPhone’s security, including how to set a stronger password, and ways of retrieving your phone if it is lost or stolen. With our help, you can set up your iPhone for the Internet and email, and also go online and browse the worldwide web with the Safari app.

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