macOS Catalina Tricks and Tips

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Tricks and tips to help you get the most from macOS Catalina

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  • Step-by-step guides to Catalina features
  • Learn how to get more from your Mac or MacBook
  • Includes essential macOS Catalina tricks and tips

We take you through the Mac’s key software applications, also known as ‘apps’, step-by-step. and when you are ready to take things further, we show you some of the Mac’s, more advanced, features.

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Step-by-step macOS Catalina Guides

One of the best things about your Mac and macOS Catalina is the bundled applications, or ‘apps’, that come with it. There’s an app for almost everything, and they’re great fun to use. In this guidebook, we take a look at the Mac’s key apps and show you how they work. Look out for their advanced features too.

Catalina Tricks and Tips

When you’re ready to take things further, try out some of these advanced Mac features and capabilities. There’s a lot you can do to get even more from your Apple computer. Look out for the Siri personal assistant, iCloud for syncing data and documents and the new Sidecar to use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac.

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