Make Your Own PC Tricks and Tips

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Tips and tricks to help you build your first PC!

  • Explore the main components of your first computer
  • Learn how to install components safely
  • Discover essential techniques to avoid a PC disaster
  • Learn how to plan and configure a PC, from start to finish!


This guidebook runs through a complete PC build, from start to finish, highlighting each step and looking at possible problems you might encounter along the way. As long as you have planned well, your first build should not take very long, and should go without a hitch. It is, however, better to take your time and do it right, rather than rushing through.

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Your First PC Build

Building your own PC is rewarding in a number of ways, from the huge sense of satisfaction it gives, to the potential savings you can make. If you have never seen the inside of a computer, or even if you have some basic knowledge, this guide is the perfect way to increase your knowledge and bolster your confidence of PC building. Includes essential guides to all of the main components of a standard PC build, from the case to the graphics card, helping you understand how everything fits and works together. Learn the important differences between RAM and SDRAM, discover the pros and cons of using an SSD instead of a HDD, and find out the best way to choose a power supply for your PC.

Plan, Prepare, Build!

Building your own PC is not something everyone will want or need to do. It takes some time, planning and careful thought, and it isn’t always the best possible way to get a new computer for your budget. However, if you want to feel a great sense of satisfaction, save money, learn more about how computers work, and set yourself up to be able to solve hardware problems in the future, we recommend it to anyone who needs to get either their first PC, or replace an old one. This guide, aimed at the first time builder, takes you through every step, from planning the system to installing components and adding essential software.

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