The Complete Google Manual

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Do more with Google’s huge range of completely free tools!

  • Get started with the basics of Google
  • Learn how to get more from your Google apps
  • Discover the wide range of Google hardware available
  • Learn more about Google Home, Pixel, Chromecast, and more


The world’s most popular apps are not only completely free, but it is very likely that you have been using some of them for years without even thinking about it. There are many reasons (all of which are covered in this publication) to delve into the Google app suite. Yet before you start to explore these amazing tools and discover just how much you can do with them, you need to get to grips with the basics.

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More Than Just Search!

Google certainly is about more than search! From humble beginnings as a geeky search engine, Google now provides email with free online storage, photo management and editing, social networking with millions of users, one of the best Internet browsers around, the biggest video site in the world, the market-leading smartphone operating system, interactive maps and navigation, a free blogging platform and much, much more.

Do More With Google

Learn exactly what you can do with Google products, from sharing your favourite photos and uploading your funny videos, to communicating on the move and building your own website or blog. Free Google products can be used to run a business, write your homework, translate a document, promote your business or simply chat with friends. Our guide will show you how to do all of these things and more, so you can make the most of even an old computer.

Just about every page contains useful tips and helpful hints. From ways to stay safe on the Internet and how to create a Google account, to sharing a photo and customising your Gmail inbox. No matter if you have never used Google for anything more than searching, or if you already use some of the more well-known products, there is sure to be plenty for you to discover.

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