The Complete Windows 10 Manual

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The easiest way to build your understanding of Windows 10!

  • Explore Windows 10 apps, software and features
  • Learn how to get more from Windows 10 
  • Learn essential security skills and techniques
  • Step-by-step guides, tips and tutorials on every page


No matter if you are a long-time PC user or a complete Windows novice booting up your first laptop, there is something here for everyone! Including some of the most important elements of Windows 10, and something everyone who uses a computer online should know more about, the security and privacy features.

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Get More From Windows 10

Inside you will find step-by-step guides designed to make getting the most from your computer effortless, with something new to learn on every page. From sending emails and chatting to Cortana, to customising the Start Menu and scanning for malware, this book is filled with guides, tutorials and tips that are perfect for anyone wanting to improve their understanding of Windows 10.

Exploring Windows 10

Before you start exploring everything the new operating system has to offer, take some time to get things set up correctly and make sure that you understand how to navigate around the desktop. Here we take a look at the core elements of Windows 10 and how you can use them more efficiently. From using both old and new features, like the Microsoft Store, email and Skype, to making the most of every photo you upload, this section is all about getting more from the wide variety of software, tools and features Windows 10 offers to those users prepared to explore.

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