WhatsApp for Beginners

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Beginners guides, tips and tutorials for WhatsApp on mobile!

  • Explore the history of WhatsApp on mobile devices
  • Learn how to get started with installation and basics
  • Discover essential security and account settings
  • Learn to get the most from the world’s biggest message app


In just nine years, WhatsApp has grown into one of the most used messaging apps available. With a user base of over 1.3 billion, and growing; WhatsApp shows no sign of slowing down. So, what exactly is WhatsApp? You’ve no doubt heard all about it, and you may even have friends and family members who already use it – and are pestering you to use it too. Let’s then, take a moment to discover what this amazing app can do, and more importantly, what it can do for you.

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Explore Whatsapp messaging

At its heart, WhatsApp is simply a free to use cross-platform instant messaging service. However, to its many users the app is much more than just a means of keeping in touch. The WhatsApp phenomenon has spread throughout the social media digital world, offering the end user a safe and secure platform in which to communicate.

So WhatsApp really is much more than a simple messaging app. Its beauty lies in the fact that it can be used by just two people talking to each other or by thousands of people around the world trying to make everyone’s lives better. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, using WhatsApp can help you connect and become a part of something bigger.

Get the most from Whatsapp every time you use it

WhatsApp is a remarkably versatile app. It can be used on iPhones, Android devices, and even a Windows 10 and macOS desktop computer. Throughout this chapter, we will look at how to install WhatsApp on various pieces of hardware, and its anatomy on each. Once it’s installed, we will then guide you through the setting up of your profile, adding contacts and sending your first WhatsApp message, picture, voice, and even video call.

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