For Beginners

Our For Beginners guidebooks are just that – perfect for beginners!

Each digital guidebook is filled with guides, tips and tutorials designed to help you get started with the subject it covers. Ranging from everyday tech like iPhones and laptops, to more complicated subjects like Adobe Photoshop and coding, these books are for those who have little or no knowledge of the technology.

Complete Manuals

Complete Manuals help you build a more rounded understanding of each tech subject.

Each Complete Manual contains a wide variety of step-by-step guides, aimed at building on your beginner knowledge, and giving you a much better understanding of Photoshop, photography, Python, Android, Windows 10, Raspberry Pi, and so much more. If you want to get more from the technology around you, a Complete Manual will help.

Tricks and Tips

Learn the Tricks and Tips that turn a useful bit of software or gadget to an essential!

Designed to fill in the gaps and expand your knowledge of dozens of tech subjects beyond the basics. Each Tricks and Tips guidebook promises to teach you something new with every turn of the digital page, and help you get the most from your software and technology. Choose from iPhone, Android, coding, WhatsApp, photography, iPad, PC hardware, and many more.